The Virgo Cluster with the C-11 Hyperstar

Having not imaged any galaxies for a long time, here are a whole lot of them, around M 84 and M 86 in the Virgo Cluster, taken 2013 February 17. I have labelled the 25 brightest ones, down to around mag. 16, but one could go on and on with this exercise, the more you look, particularly at full scale, the more you see. And this is with only 1 hour exposure in the light-polluted skies of Outer London. Here are labelled and unlabelled versions of the image. There is considerable detail visible in some of the galaxies when the image is viewed full-size (click on it twice).

Messier 84, 86 and others in the Virgo Cluster M84-13-02-17IDAHyp2minlabelled


The Virgo Cluster with the C-11 Hyperstar — 1 Comment

  1. We have video footage of a meteor 1mile east of Heathrow 15/2/2013 18.44pm lasting 29seconds we can see what looks like craters on the surface. Camera 25x zoom

    There was no tail but you can clearly see the different coloured gasses.
    The meteor approached from the west to north west.
    I wondered if any body picked it up on their radar. any thoughts.Heathrow says they only track aircraft
    Kind regards P. Symons
    Great website

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