The Moon 2013 January 22

Here’s another in my series of whole Moon portraits (or visible part of the Moon anyway) assembled from SkyNYX webcam images through 80mm f7.5. This is the Moon aged 10.1 days, the phase that gives the “sword-handle” view (as it was called in Patrick Moore’s books) of the mountains bordering the Sinus Iridium projecting from the terminator. (Click to enlarge)



The Moon 2013 January 22 — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent Moon photo. Iam just starting my Moon photography. I have a 200-500mm lense with a Nikon D300s camera. I have taken some great photos but need to get a good photo editing software to tweek the images on the sharpness and detail. Iam hooked on Moon Photography now and can’t get enough. Im trying to capture all the phases of the Moon eventually. Talk to you later. Great photos. Sincerely, Eric J. Woody

  2. If you are taking individual images of the Moon there is not a lot you can do to increase the sharpness if you have reached the point where it is seeing-limited. Beyond that point, sharpness can be enhanced by taking multiple exposures, then stacking and then sharpening them, as here. Software such as Autostakkert and Registax will stack and sharpen images. Photoshop can also be used for sharpening and adjusting contrast, brightness and dynamic range.

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