Comet 2014 E2 (Jacques) 2014 August 05

Here’s Comet Jacques from last night. 20 one minute exposures stacked on the comet.

There are some colour gradients in the background that I haven’t been able to correct, I possibly need need better flat fields.

No trace of a tail in this image, though people have imaged a faint tail from darker sites.

I think this is the nicest dark-sky comet we have had fore a long time, possible since Holmes. It was just visible in 10×50 binoculars, and in a 100mm refractor it was a very nice sight.



Update: 7 August

On Richard Miles’ suggestion I tried radically stretching the image. I also inverted it and made it mono, and lo and behold, a tail is visible, to the right (west).


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