Lunar images 2014 September 09 & 11

On the 9th seeing was not too good, but this image does show up some of the clefts in Hevelius and the irregular dome in Grimaldi. The vague gash extending from Riccioli away from the terminator is known as the ‘Miyamori Valley”. It is not really a valley at all, but a conjunction of shadows.Moon2014-09-07-2349-DLASeeing was better on the 11th and the image of the Messier twins shows their structure clearly. As Bill Leatherbarrow, BAA Lunar Section Director comments, the multiple west wall of Messier A is probably responsible for most of the historical anamalous observations of this pair.Moon2014-09-11-0142-DLAMoon2014-09-11-0142large-DLAMoon2014-09-11-0138-DLAMoon2014-09-11-0149-DLA


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