I have talks on the following topics which have been given to astronomical, scientific, natural history, photographic and philosophical societies. Please email me for further details.

Setting-up a Small Observatory
Astro-imaging from the City
High-resolution Imaging of the Bright Planets
A history  of Cosmology
What Astronomy can I do from a City?
Andrew Ainslie Common: the First Modern Astronomer
Using the f/2 HyperStar System for Deep sky Imaging
Observing Jupiter and Saturn
Observing the Terrestrial Planets
Astronomical Paris: the Celestial, the Occult and the Macabre
Using the HyperStar system for Deep Sky Imaging
Recent developments in amateur planetary imaging
David Down Under (on astronomy in Australia, a travelogue about my visit to the 2012 eclipse)
Tycho Brahe, Hven, and the Danish contribution to astronomy
Imaging the Planets
Observing the Moon
Observing Mercury and Venus
Basics of astronomical equipment