I have talks on the following topics which have been given to astronomical, scientific, natural history, photographic and philosophical societies. Please email me for further details.

Setting-up a Small Observatory
Astro-imaging from the City
High-resolution Imaging of the Bright Planets
A history  of Cosmology
What Astronomy can I do from a City?
Andrew Ainslie Common: the First Modern Astronomer
Using the f/2 HyperStar System for Deep sky Imaging
Observing Jupiter and Saturn
Observing the Terrestrial Planets
Astronomical Paris: the Celestial, the Occult and the Macabre
Using the HyperStar system for Deep Sky Imaging
Recent developments in amateur planetary imaging
David Down Under (on astronomy in Australia, a travelogue about my visit to the 2012 eclipse)
Tycho Brahe, Hven, and the Danish contribution to astronomy
Imaging the Planets
Observing the Moon